My husband and I have had the same Medicare Supplement 15 years and we were seeing significant increases to our policy’s too often. Nancy was so helpful, and made the process so easy. I can not thank her enough. She is so knowledgeable and thorough and she saved us lots of money!!!

Jane S.

Retirement came quickly after my husband sold our business and I turned 66. Suddenly I had to not only sign up for Social Security but navigate the world of Medicare and all the supplements. I found it confusing and got some bad advice from a government agency. Nancy Cox with Your Medicare Gal helped me navigate the options and the paperwork required to get me set for my second act!

Maureen M., Collierville, TN

When the premiums for my elderly parents’ Supplement plans jumped, I asked Nancy for help. I needed to know if they should move to a Medicare Advantage plan with much lower premiums. Nancy was a huge help. She did a thorough Medicare plan analysis for each of them and she showed their current coverage was their best option. This gave me peace of mind. I would recommend using Nancy to help you with your Medicare coverage.

Jeff H., Manager Homecare by Wesley

I asked Nancy to review my Medicare coverage options as I rarely go to the doctor nor do I take any prescriptions. After paying Supplement and drug plan premiums every month for three years, Nancy showed me an Advantage plan that made much more sense for me. Now I enjoy paying a zero premium and banking the funds I used to spend on premiums. My plan offers a PPO that includes the nation’s largest health network. Thank you, Nancy!

Kathleen S. MidSouth Solutions, Memphis, TN

I worked past turning 65. When I got ready to retire, Nancy helped me transition from Group Health coverage into Medicare. She helped me to understand my options and find a Supplement plan and drug plan. Later, when my Supplement plan dropped the fitness benefit she helped me find another plan to ensure I could continue my fitness program. Give her a call!

Shirley C., Retired Walgreens, Memphis, TN

As a business owner approaching Medicare age, Nancy came highly recommended to me. She covered all aspects of my transition including activating my Part B with Social Security; gaining an understanding of various plan options and cost differences; including learning the implications of IRMAA on my premiums. She was an asset. Whether you are new to Medicare or having issues with your current coverage reach out to “Your Medicare Gal” and she will take good care of you.

Mark Davis, CEO Axcon Corporation – Cookeville, TN

My wife and I were continuing to see significant increases in our Medicare Supplement premiums and we decided to take action. We connected with Nancy and she came back with several options. She was able to get us much more competitive rates than our current Supplement plans. The savings between the two of us was significant. Are you tired of paying higher premiums? If so, take action and let Nancy run your numbers!

J.W. – Memphis, TN